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A practice of gratitude is not about dismissing sadness, anger, fear, or confusion. Rather, it offers us the opportunity to see that we often experience multiple feelings at once; to welcome joy into the same places where we hold grief; to turn our attention to what is quietly growing and breathing day by day, which, to our possible surprise, includes ourselves.


When They Revolutionize the Cocktail Parties

by Marilyn Sandberg

“Hello, what are you afraid of?”


“Me too.”

“When you hear a Mahler symphony?”

“No, when I wake up in the night.”

“Me too.”

“Nice meeting you.”

“Same here.”

Happy to be real and human with you.



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It’s a journey, this life. A crossing of creeks on stepping stones where so much comes to depend on maintaining balance on every careful placing of the foot.

Richard Wagamese
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