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The first magnificent woman I would like to highlight is Sheilagh McGlynn. I had the great pleasure of meeting Sheilagh when we were in Grade 7. The complete polar opposite to me, Sheilagh has always been welcoming, extroverted and compassionate where I have been feisty, introverted and a bit of a loudmouth. But there’s one thing that has always bonded us and that is our love of dance. Our mothers spent years hauling us back and forth to Van Buskirk dance studio, and sitting through numerous dance recitals. (How painful was that, Mom?) From there we explored various forms of free movement, from 5Rhythms to The Move to creating our own freestyle movement group.

Dance is in Sheilagh’s blood and is a pure expression of her soul, so much so that she has trained to become a JourneyDance leader where she blends her skills as a Relational Therapist, a trained group facilitator, a soulful dancer, and a mighty fine human being. In her own words:

 I LOVE being able to offer this healing work to people. I love encountering new participants to JourneyDance and witnessing them transform through music, visualization and play. Leaving a class yesterday, one of my participants said to me “I feel so good”. That is what this work is about. We all deserve to feel that good. I believe it is possible. I hope you will come and dance and see how good you can feel! 

Like so many of us, Covid-19 has had an impact on Sheilagh’s ability to teach her sessions. But her love of dance lives on. She is currently in the process of preparing to offer JourneyDance online. I can’t wait.

If you’re looking for a new way to take care of yourself, a new way to relate to your body in a safe and sacred way, look into Sheilagh’s work. You can find her online here: Journey to Therapy. Without question, you will be in the best possible hands.

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Good morning!  I love you and…


Have you ever met someone and instantly fallen in love with them?  I don’t mean only romantic love although that counts too.  I’m talking pure, boundaryless love.  You don’t know what it is about that person but you light up when you talk about them.  Your insides sorta squeal in delight at the mere thought of them.  You could just squeeeeeeeeeze them when you see them.  You.  Just.  Love them.  You know that kind of love?

I believe someone feels that way about you.  😉

Have a most gorgeous day!



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Good morning!  I love you and…


It’s cold.  It’s dark.  You’ve been sleeping soundly but you are now beginning to stir.  You’re absolutely sure you have short minutes before the alarm rudely goes off so you’re afraid to look at the time.  Finally you can’t take it anymore.  What’s the bad news?

No bad news.  No bad news?

Hours.  You have hours before the alarm goes off.  Long, expansive, delicious hours.  So you hunker down, draw the covers in tighter, and with a sigh and a smile, drop your weight even further into the bed.

Yeah.  Like that.

May you find exquisite pools of expanded time throughout your day.  May they help you smile and stretch outward.  Expand. E x p a n d! 🙂

Much love,


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