Good morning!  I love you and…


My goddaughter, when she was a baby, suffered terribly with colic.  At the time I was living with her and her parents.  We would take shifts holding the baby, trying to console her.  She would just scream and scream for hours.  This one day was particularly rough and my friend just couldn’t take it anymore.  I took the baby from her arms and sent her upstairs to rest while K. and I went outside into the fresh summer air.  The screams were piercing and there was no doubt they would carry for miles down the country road and through the fields.  She was suffering and she was at war with her suffering.  She was a tiny ball of angry pain and she was going to tell everyone all about it.  I told her to go for it.  “Go ahead, K.  Let everyone know how you feel.  Give it everything you’ve got.”  And she did.

Eventually…..eventually, something happened.  Holding her in my arms, I could feel something beginning to shift.  Her body started to soften.  Her screams quietened down to tiny hiccups.  Something in K. let go and for a short time there was peace.

It tends to work that way, the letting go.  We think it’s something we’re supposed to do when really I think it’s something that happens to us.  At some point we grow tired of the burden, of the conflict, of the suffering and pain and we say, “Enough.”  Not in an angry way.  Not like we’re throwing something down.  It’s more like a deep, long exhale.  eeeeenoughhhhhhhhhh………..And off it goes.  It’s mysterious and awesome.

May you be liberated from all that has become too cumbersome to bear.  May the letting go happen for you over and over and over again until you’re soft and open and breathing fully. May you be FREE!

Know that you’re loved!


Good morning!  I love you and…


The human heart runs on electrical impulse.  At some point around 5 weeks in utero, the primitive heart begins to beat and keeps going for an entire lifetime.

What puts that spark there?

Love.  You!


Good morning!  I love you and…


From the vantage point of the office window you can watch the Squirrel Highway.  This particular stretch of hydro wire runs between 2 evergreens.  It has become clear that the red squirrel resides in one tree and goes shopping in the other.  All day long you can watch this tenacious beast scamper across the wire in sleet, snow, rain, sunshine, to the other tree where it gathers up what it needs.  Some trips it’s a mouthful of leaves.  Sometimes it’s a pine cone.  Kerri even watched one time as Red ran across the wire with a piece of bread in its mouth.  The bread was bigger than the squirrel and was flipped up so the squirrel could not see.  The weight of the bread plus the lack of vision made the squirrel teeter from side to side, but it kept going.

Talk about trust!  Trust in its skills to scale a wire.  Trust in its ability to navigate safely through all circumstances.  Trust that what it needs will be there when it arrives.  Trust in its nest and its ability to build a new one if the old one is gone.  I don’t think squirrels sit in their nests and wring their little paws in fear as we seem to do.  They don’t worry, “What if I fall?”  They just march ahead and do what needs doing.  If they fall, well, they work very hard to right themselves or……But they don’t stress about it.  If they did, they’d never leave the nest.

May you find this same level of trust within yourself.  May you trust that your needs will be met.  May you trust in your ability to navigate Life’s twists and turns; you don’t have to be graceful about it.  And may you be able to trust that, should you fall, well, something will happen.  Hey, while you’re on your way down you may even be given a set of wings to fly!  Imagine.  🙂

Have a beautiful day and I love you!


Good morning!  I love you and…


Standing on the back of our toilet during the holiday season is a spindly little fake tree based on the Christmas tree in A Charlie Brown Christmas.  In the movie, Charlie Brown, who was entrusted with the job of finding the perfect Christmas tree, couldn’t help but fall in love with the saddest, weakest tree on the lot.  Touch it and this tree, barely more than a branch, would drop needles.  It was hardly what his friends were asking for but it’s certainly what Charlie Brown brought home.  Charlie Brown’s heart could see the value in that little tree.  He could see beyond the surface to what was lovable in the seemingly unlovable.

You too are lovable in the seemingly unlovable.  All those parts of yourself that you’ve tucked away into boxes and dark corners never change your inherent beauty or value as a living part of this breathtaking Universe.  You are here and you are meant to be here.  Just like that tree, may you come across a living Charlie Brown (or 2…or 3 million) who looks past what you think is unacceptable, who wraps you in unconditional love and brings you home.

You belong.

And I love you!


Good morning!  I love you and…


The word “sanctuary” has many meanings, one of which is “a place of refuge and protection”.  Cats are some of the finest teachers of this point.  Recently my cat, Jerry, who lives with my mother, has taken to completely disappearing.  One day I feared he had made his way out the front door when I went checking for mail.  A solid shake of the treat container and Jerold appeared, seemingly out of thin air.

The other day Mum emailed me to tell me she had discovered his current hiding place.  There on the second level of a metal storage shelf, snuggled in amongst summer duvets and studio paraphernalia, lay Jerry.  Cuddled into one of the darkest, quietest rooms of the house, Jerry could just let go.  Nobody was poking and proding at him.  He didn’t have to compete for space with Ivan, the other cat.  Here in this hidey hole Jerold felt completely safe and held.

Jerold in his sanctuary

Do you have a place like this?  A place where your shoulders instantly drop and you can finally take some rich, full breaths?  A place where you can be you, completely and beautifully you?  I hope you do.  If not, have a look at the picture at the top of the page.  That’s one of my sanctuaries and I’m more than happy to share it with you. Can you imagine yourself there?  Can you hear the water?  Can you let the space stretch out under your skin and into your bones? Can you feel the warmth of the sun on you?  And how about the taste of whatever wonderfulness is in that mug?  Let it fill you up.  Let’s breathe it all in together…or alone.  Whatever you need.  It is there.

Have a gorgeous day!

I love you,


Good morning!  I love you and…


Once when I was on retreat I went for a solitary walk of the grounds.  It was a silent retreat and it had been a while since we had spoken (or read, or written) a word.  Sounds and colours become so much more crisp when your voice has been silent for a while.  We were learning to drop down into a deeper place, connecting with each other in different ways.

Along the way I heard the sharp whistle of a chickadee.  Suddenly this adorable puff of feathers fluttered out from the shelter of the trees and stood on a branch looking at me.  In that moment, something came over me, something I cannot explain.  It’s like I was cracked open and could feel everything with my heart.  In that moment I really understood that I was seen.  I wasn’t the only one doing the seeing.  The birds saw me.  The grasshoppers and crickets.  The deer.  The blades of grass and trees and cat tails, in their own ways.  Right there on the path, with the tiny black eye of the chickadee on me, I knew that all of creation saw me.  What I perceived was also perceiving me.

Those times when you feel small, inconsequential, even invisible, know that you are seen.  The entire Universe knows you’re there and feels you.  You absolutely belong.

Have a most gorgeous day!



Good morning!  I love you and….


I came home the other day and saw a rust and black coloured caterpillar hanging on the brick by the front door.  It’s December!  What in god’s name is a caterpillar doing there?  Not wanting to interfere with Nature and thinking maybe the poor thing was already dead, I went inside, but I couldn’t shake the image of the little creature on the brick.  A few hours later I went outside to see if it was still there but it was gone.  I doubt very much it was eaten so it must have inched its way along to……..Where does a caterpillar go in December in Ontario?  I had to marvel at its resilience, at the strength of its life force that it could survive and move along in the darkest and coldest of days.

We’re like that too.  We have that same strength that allows us to put one foot in front of the other when things are heavy and scary.  The next time you think you just can’t do it one…more…time…think of that fuzzy little caterpillar.  Remind yourself of the deep well of resilience that rests within you and inch along the best you can.  You can do it.  I believe in you.

And I love you too!

Have a marvellous, magical day!


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