In times of deep darkness, we not only need light — we need to be light for one another.

Parker J. Palmer

How might your life have been different if there had been a place for you? A place for you to go…a place where you were nurtured from an ancient flow sustaining you and steadying you as you sought to become yourself. A place…to help you find and trust the ancient flow already there within yourself…waiting to be released…

How might your life be different?

Circle of Stones: Woman’s Journey to Herself – Judith Duerk

Create and offer that place for others.

But, of course, the dark doesn’t go away. The world is made of dark and light, as are we. If we seem to succeed in banishing it, it pops up in another place, sooner or later, often with greater force, and takes us by surprise.

Sometimes we instinctively or unconsciously avoid seeing something until we are ready to see it, until the time is right for us to see it, when we can “make something” of it and not be simply confused or overwhelmed by it.

Eyes, the Soul, Knowing – Sharon Balentine
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