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Ultra Salon & Spa

In her own words:

As you know, Tabitha, it’s not just about hair. It’s about friendship and so much more.

Annie Hulskramer

Annie is my hair Goddess. There is no one else in the world I will allow to work on my hair. When she retires, I will shave my head. You think I’m joking? I’ve been going to see Annie for over 25 years and she knows me. She knows my hair. She knows my mother. She has supported me through some very difficult times and always has a golden nugget of wisdom to offer. I’ve watched Annie grow and birth 2 children who are not so much children anymore. I’ve watched her bury loved ones. I’ve watched her grow and expand and perfect her skills. I’ve watched her stretch to take on the challenge of running her own hair salon.

But it’s not just Annie who makes this place. Every single person in there is an amazing human being – Dawn, Pauline, Xiomara and Emma. You can go in there, have a seat, drink a cup of coffee (when we could do that) and have a conversation like you’ve known each other for years because, for the most part, we have. It’s a lovely, homey, comforting place, so different from the ego-driven “ship em in, ship em out” hair salons. At Ultra it’s not about the rock star hair stylist or esthetician, it’s about YOU. No, it’s about US. It’s about connection. Beauty is the very fortunate by-product of your time there.

Like so many other small businesses, Ultra has been hit hard due to this pandemic. They’re struggling through a second lockdown, shut for another 28 (or more) days. But one day we will emerge like naked mole rats with frizzy hair and gnarly nails, blinking into the sun. At that time, I suggest you check this place out:

Ultra Salon & Spa – 4-121 Lakeshore Rd W, Mississauga, ON L5H 1E9 – 905-891-5999

Now here’s the trick, they have an exceptionally loyal customer base (Or should I say fan base?) so there is no guarantee that you’ll be able to land a spot, but if you do, tell them Tabitha says “Hi.”

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