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Good morning!  I love you and…


From the vantage point of the office window you can watch the Squirrel Highway.  This particular stretch of hydro wire runs between 2 evergreens.  It has become clear that the red squirrel resides in one tree and goes shopping in the other.  All day long you can watch this tenacious beast scamper across the wire in sleet, snow, rain, sunshine, to the other tree where it gathers up what it needs.  Some trips it’s a mouthful of leaves.  Sometimes it’s a pine cone.  Kerri even watched one time as Red ran across the wire with a piece of bread in its mouth.  The bread was bigger than the squirrel and was flipped up so the squirrel could not see.  The weight of the bread plus the lack of vision made the squirrel teeter from side to side, but it kept going.

Talk about trust!  Trust in its skills to scale a wire.  Trust in its ability to navigate safely through all circumstances.  Trust that what it needs will be there when it arrives.  Trust in its nest and its ability to build a new one if the old one is gone.  I don’t think squirrels sit in their nests and wring their little paws in fear as we seem to do.  They don’t worry, “What if I fall?”  They just march ahead and do what needs doing.  If they fall, well, they work very hard to right themselves or……But they don’t stress about it.  If they did, they’d never leave the nest.

May you find this same level of trust within yourself.  May you trust that your needs will be met.  May you trust in your ability to navigate Life’s twists and turns; you don’t have to be graceful about it.  And may you be able to trust that, should you fall, well, something will happen.  Hey, while you’re on your way down you may even be given a set of wings to fly!  Imagine.  🙂

Have a beautiful day and I love you!


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