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Good morning!  I love you and…


My goddaughter, when she was a baby, suffered terribly with colic.  At the time I was living with her and her parents.  We would take shifts holding the baby, trying to console her.  She would just scream and scream for hours.  This one day was particularly rough and my friend just couldn’t take it anymore.  I took the baby from her arms and sent her upstairs to rest while K. and I went outside into the fresh summer air.  The screams were piercing and there was no doubt they would carry for miles down the country road and through the fields.  She was suffering and she was at war with her suffering.  She was a tiny ball of angry pain and she was going to tell everyone all about it.  I told her to go for it.  “Go ahead, K.  Let everyone know how you feel.  Give it everything you’ve got.”  And she did.

Eventually…..eventually, something happened.  Holding her in my arms, I could feel something beginning to shift.  Her body started to soften.  Her screams quietened down to tiny hiccups.  Something in K. let go and for a short time there was peace.

It tends to work that way, the letting go.  We think it’s something we’re supposed to do when really I think it’s something that happens to us.  At some point we grow tired of the burden, of the conflict, of the suffering and pain and we say, “Enough.”  Not in an angry way.  Not like we’re throwing something down.  It’s more like a deep, long exhale.  eeeeenoughhhhhhhhhh………..And off it goes.  It’s mysterious and awesome.

May you be liberated from all that has become too cumbersome to bear.  May the letting go happen for you over and over and over again until you’re soft and open and breathing fully. May you be FREE!

Know that you’re loved!


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Hi everyone,

A while ago it became apparent that one of my beloved friends was having a really hard time.  There are times when it feels like there’s not much we can do to support someone we love.  We know they’re suffering and we want to take that suffering away, but most times we’re helpless.  From this helpless place I decided to send her something every day that reminded her I was there and that I loved her.  I hoped they were little seeds of joy or wonder that might help keep her head above water.  I started calling them the “Good morning, I love you”s because that’s how I open every message.  I wonder if many of us could use a “Good morning, I love you,” message every day.
This thought was in my head one day when the “12 Days of Christmas” came on.  It seemed lovely that someone was given a gift every day leading to Christmas.
VOILA!  The Good Morning, I Love You series was born.
Starting Dec 13 to Dec 24, I will send out little “Good Morning.  I love you.” notes.  Consider them nuggets of goodness that are dropped along your way to the holidays.  Maybe they’re inspiration.  Maybe they give you something to think about.  I hope they always remind you that someone “out there” is thinking about you and is sending you love.
Always wishing you the best,

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Thanks to C. Langdon for the picture.

Kerri loves Christmas.  Specifically, she loves Christmas lights.  There are never enough lights.  Every year the collection increases.  Every year, although it seems impossible that there’s space, new lights are added.  Kerri’s thinking is lovely and admirable:  It’s such a dreary time of year and a difficult one for many.  Lights are bright and cheery and uplifting.  Her hope is that the display brings brightness to people’s hearts.

About 3 weeks ago we began wrapping that blue tree in the front.  As I was circling round and round like a mule strapped to a grist mill, a woman was walking down the road.  She stopped in front of the house and said, “You do such a lovely job every year.  You don’t understand.  When I have difficulty sleeping, I come to the front window and watch your lights for a while.  They’re so lovely.”

If not for that brief and brave encounter, who would have known?

You are the Light in somebody’s life whether you know it or not.  Whether you meant to be or not.  That time you held the door for someone.  Or paid for their snacks in the grocery line.  Or handed them a tissue on the subway.  Or stepped out of the way to let them pass.  Or smiled.  Or simply made eye contact.  That one seemingly inconsequential thing has stayed in somebody’s heart, and they pull it out on rough, dark days so they can feel uplifted.  Our ability to impact others goes beyond spending hours together holding hands and pouring out our hearts.  Usually it’s the simple things.  The tiny things.  The utterly unspoken things.  These things that we don’t even remember help people’s lives, blessed be.

You, my friend, are the Light.

May you be blessed by so…much…Love,



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