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Dear God,

I do not like having my life shaken up – even if that’s what I’ve been asking for. I was pretty comfortable in my misery – even if I was miserable. I had a routine and I stuck to it. I didn’t like it and I blamed it on you – or the lack of you.

Now I have a routine that I don’t like, and I am starting to blame it on me – or the lack of me. In other words, a lot of what I thought of as your short-fall may have been my own.

Prayers from a Nonbeliever – A Story of Faith – Julia Cameron

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Photo by D Barnes-Boniface

Become a prayer-maker. Why? Because what you face in your life is bigger than you can handle. It is. Go to a place with shadows and privacy, and just start talking. There is some ancient Friend that wants to hear from you.

Martin Shaw

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