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Sometimes I need

only to stand

wherever I am

to be blessed.

“It Was Early” – Mary Oliver

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Good morning!  I love you and…


Take a moment and stop everything.  Become still.  Silence any external noise within your control.  Close your eyes if you feel safe doing so, or choose a spot to focus on so your eyes can rest.  Then notice that you’re breathing.  All along you’ve been breathing.  Watch as you take a breath in.  Watch as you release the breath.  No controlling.  Just watching.

Then find the pause.

Watch as you take a breath in and observe the slight pause after inhale.  Everything stops for a moment.  You’re in a holding pattern.  You’re tenderly holding precious life energy within you.  Then watch as you let go and find the pause after exhale.  Here there is a pool of emptiness, exquisite space where we can stretch out and float.

Breathe in.  PAUSE and stay with the pause in a relaxed way.  Breathe out.  PAUSE and float.  Never pushing past what is comfortable.  Stay with this for 3 breaths….or 10….or 20.  And then move on.

Throughout the day, find the pause.  Pause in movement.  Pause in distraction.  Pause in speech and needless noise.  Pause in the breath.


And have a fantastic day.

I love you!


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